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The STEM X Academy – the best PD you will ever get.

But don’t take our word for it.

See what the teachers from the inaugural STEM X Academy thought of their experience and read the profiles of the most recent participants – Malak Dubois, Nathan Curnow, Sandra Davey and Shane Fagg – to see the transformational impact the STEM X Academy has had on their teaching.

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Collaborate with scientists working on the world’s most pressing and exciting research problems

One role of STEM X is to provide science teachers with a gateway to Australia’s high-end research projects, facilities and scientists. This engagement is further structured to facilitate linkages to the Australian science curriculum and to resources that promote inquiry-based learning in the classroom. [...]

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Become part of a vibrant network that is sharing creative resources to inspire the next generation of innovators

Science in the 21st century does not work in isolation and STEM X believes neither should science teachers. As scientific inquiry becomes more collaborative, multidisciplinary and engaged with pressing real-world challenges, STEM X helps science teachers to connect their classrooms both to this broader [...]

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Create resources to connect science teaching to the world we live in.

Core STEM X goals are providing facilities, resources, ideas, time and assistance for science teachers to explore novel ways to innovate their classroom practice. This approach includes hands-on sessions where the teacher becomes the innovator, guided by world-class staff and state-of-the-art facilities. Questacon’s Maker [...]

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